Attach to your smartphone camera to film with 30~40 times zoomin no power mode!

Recommended for

phonebeam closeup filming (30-40 times zoom can be achieved by attaching phonebeam)


When you want to transform thecuriosityof your children in to creativity

- What does a flower look like when magnified?
- How are sugar and salt particles different?
- What do rice sprouts look like?
- Help your children discover a whole new world of wonder.


If you are interested in skin, nails or hair or would like to increase your sales

- When you need to evaluate the state of the skin and choose the right type of cosmetics for it
- When you have skin issues and need to check it frequently
- When you need to evaluate the state of the nails before or after trimming them
- When you need to take continuous care of your hair

light booster

Phone Beam makes your smartphone’s LED Flash 80-200 times brighter.

The device can prove useful in a wide range of situations : camping, safety/emergency situations, hiking, traveling, night fishing, leisure, hobby, car repair. When zoomed out, more light is more concentrated and lights at a longer distance; when zoomed in, the light is less concentrated but lights a wider area closer by.

Flashlight : 80Brighter and light objects as far as 200m away

*The brightness may vary depending on the smartphone model.

attach and start using with just one touch

The adhesive part of the gel pad, Just Adhere It!

You can immediately use it by removing the gel pad's adhesive part on the back of the phonebeam lens and adhering it to the smartphone LED flash without any other equipment.

The product is semipermanent and it can be adhered and taken off repeatedly.

Please take care not to smear the adhesive part of the product with oil and diary products.

Remove the protective film fromthe adhesive part of the gelpad.

Align with and attach tothe smartphone.

Zoom and startfilming immediately:No additional devices needed.


Use the case while filming inclose-up for maximum comfort.

It can be used semi-permanently!Just wash it when it's dirty.

- Remove the gel pad protection film and adhere the adhesive part of the pad to the smartphone's flash. It can be used semi-permanently and be adhered and taken off repeatedly. It can adhere to the smartphone case.

- Please take care not to smear the adhesive part of the product with oil and dairy products!

- The product may be detached if the surface of the smarphone or the case is not smooth.